Our Story

Founded in 2020, Casa Hermana is a platform that highlights the best home design and artisan talent, with the purpose of facilitating the collector's endless search for objects and decor for the home. We act as the link between design enthusiasts and unique luxury design and artisan home brands. With a unique selection of pieces that cater to various aesthetic directions, Casa Hermana makes it easy for your personal style to shine within your everyday living spaces.

The Impact

We only work with brands who, aside from creating beautiful, high-quality products, deliver a positive impact through their brand efforts — creating jobs for artisanal communities, keeping traditions alive, or giving back through sustainable practices. We also offer filters to encourage a conscious purchase and provide accurate shipping estimates to increase transparency.

The Founders

We are Andrea and Gabriella Jaramillo, born in Colombia and inspired globally. As the daughters of an industry leader within our community with more than 37 years of experience, we have had the privilege of learning from the best. We have grown up around our mother's business and everything that entails the curation of high-quality pieces for the home, as well as the compositions that surround it.
This strong connection to aesthetics has refined our eye for good design and artisanal talent, and this is directly reflected in our unique selection and in-house designs.